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How to Activate Funimation on Your Device : Funimation Activate

Funimation is one of the best options for streaming anime content. It has the largest collection of anime content, including English-dubbed anime, Japanese anime content, and more. You can easily catch up with the huge collection of dubbed content and subtitled shows. It allows you to enjoy both the free and paid service. Besides streaming online content, you must pay spectrum bills online or with your other ISPs. By the way, it supports offline downloads as well. To enjoy streaming the full content, you must activate Funimation on your Smart TVs and streaming devices

Supported Devices for Funimation 

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • PS
  • Xbox

How to Sign Up for Funimation

To activate Funimation on your streaming device or Smart TV, you need a user account simply by visiting the official website on a browser.

  • Open any web browser and go to the official Funimation Website.
  • Click on the Try Premium Plus button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose your plan and click on the START MY FREE TRIAL option.
  • Provide your email address and password in the required box and tap on the Continue button
  • On the next page, enter the required billing and payment details like credit or debit card details or PayPal.
  • Tap on the START SUBSCRIPTION button.

Done! You’ve successfully created the Funimation account and can now enjoy the 14-day free trial benefit.

Activation of Samsung TV

  • First of All, Click Here and Sign Up for Funimation.
  • Now Go to Home Screen on Your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Here Launch App Store and Search “Funimation”.
  • Now Select “Add to Home” and Install It.
  • Once App Installed, Log in Using Funimation Credentials.
  • Now You Can Enjoy and Stream Funimation on Samsung TV.

Activation of Funimation on Android TV

You can stream anime to your Android TV by activating Funimation via

  • Access the Play Store from your Android TV home screen.
  • Find the Funimation app and click on the Install button.
  • After installation, you need to launch the application.
  • Inside the app, you will see a code with instructions.
  • Save this code for future use and access
  • On a computer or mobile device.
  • Use your Funimation credentials to log in.
  • Enter the code, and click Activate.
  • Funimation is now active on your Android Smart TV.

Activation of Funimation on Roku

This is meant for all of you Roku enthusiasts there. Have you heard you can also receive unlimited access to the trendiest, most popular, and best anime and live-action series from Funimation on Roku via www Funimation com? Here is how you can access its streaming.

  • Navigate to the “Home” page on your Roku to proceed with Funimation activation. Take your Roku remote and press the “Home” button to begin the process of Funimation com activation.
  • Browse the “Streaming Channels” tab and click “Search Channels.”
  • Go to “”
  • When you see Funimation, click the “Add Channel” button. Please wait for it to complete the installation.
  • Once Funimation has been installed, it will appear in the list of channels on your home screen.
  • Next, open your Funimation app and log in. You will receive a Funimation activate code. Note it down.
  • Grab another device and go to Activate. Here enter the code into the designated box and hit Continue.
  • If you need a Funimation com account, go to their site and signup. There you have it! You now have access to your favourite Funimation shows with your Roku account!

Activation of Funimation on Amazon Fire TV

Do you have a subscription to Amazon Fire TV? You can also watch Funimation there after! This is how you accomplish it:

  • Browse the Amazon Fire TV Home Screen.
  • Navigate to the App Store and type “Funimation” into the search field.
  • Click “Download” and wait for the program to install to proceed with Funimation activation.
  • Log in to your Funimation account; an activation code will pop up.
  • Grab another device and go to Activate. Type the code into the designated box and click Continue.
  • You may now binge your favorite One Piece, switch to action, enjoy Demon Slayer, or enjoy the wholesome sentiments of Shonen Maid.

Activation of Funimation on Fire TV

Fire TV is another device to stream anime with a Funimation subscription. Use the below steps for the activation of Funimation on Fire TV.

  • To get started, you need to turn on the Fire TV device, which should have a stable and working network connection.
  • Go to the home screen and, using remote access, the Amazon App Store.
  • Search the Funimation app in the search bar.
  • Click on Obtain button to download and install the app on your Fire TV device.
  • Now open the app, and you will get a digital copy code on the screen.
  • Note down the code and launch your favorite browser on other devices to access the activation URL –
  • Fill up the login information and click Login.
  • Next, enter the code and go to the “My Library” option.
  • You can click any program on Fire TV to start streaming.

Activation of Funimation on Apple TV

Have an Apple TV and want to watch exclusive content? Here is how to accomplish it while acquiring Funimation activate tv code on the way:

  • Go to Apple’s website and navigate to the App Store.
  • Now, search Funimation Channel on your Apple TV and download and install the app.
  • After you’ve started the app and logged in to your Funimation Channel pass account, the activation code, i.e., code, and instructions will appear on your TV screen.
  • Once you have the activation code, go to on your mobile device or PC.
  • Then, on the following page, enter the activation code, i.e., code, in the proper area, click Continue, and proceed as directed on the screen.
  • After activating via the Funimation activate code, use your mobile number to finish the Funimation Channel Game Pass application.
  • And bam! You may now watch your favorite anime and live-action shows whenever you want on your Apple TV!

Activation of Funimation on PS5 

  • First of All, Switch on Your TV and PS5 Console.
  • Now Go to the Media Tab of Your PS5 Home Screen.
  • Here Search Funimation App, and Download and Install It.
  • Once the Application is Installed, Close the Tab and Go Back to the Main Screen.
  • Now Launch Funimation App and Click on the Sign-in option.
  • Here You’ll See the “Funimation Activation Code” on Your PS5 Connected TV Screen.
  • Now Visit on a Computer or Smartphone Browser.
  • Here Enter the Funimation Activation Code on Provided Code Box Field.
  • Now You Can Enjoy and Stream Funimation on PlayStation 5.

Activation of Funimation Channel on Xbox 

  • First of All, Open Xbox and Go to App Store.
  • Here Search Funimation and Download and Install It.
  • Now Go to Xbox Menu and Select “Activate Channel” from Drop-down Menu.
  • Now You’ll Get Funimation Activation Code.
  • Next, Visit or Go to on Your Mobile or PC Browser.
  • Here Enter the Funimation Activation Code on Provided Code Box Field.
  • Now You Can Enjoy and Stream Funimation on Xbox.

How to Download Funimation Videos Offline?

A Funimation membership is the most effective way to enjoy everlasting enjoyment. However, you may have a good cause for terminating your Funimation subscription. Before doing that, you might wonder if there is a method to view Funimation Videos offline without subscribing to Funimation. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Pricing of Funimation

There are three plans available in Funimation. You can get a 14-day free trial on all Funimation plans.

  • Premium – $5.99 per month.
  • Premium Plus – $7.99 per month.
  • Plus Ultra Premium – $99 per year.

You can cancel the Funimation free trial or subscription at any time.

Cancel the Funimation on various devices:

To cancel your Funimation subscription, follow the steps below 

If you signed up on the Funimation website 

  1. Log into your Funimation account 
  2. Go to My Accounts
  3. Select Subscriptions
  4. Expand the summary screen and select Cancel 

iOS/App Store 

  • Go to your Apple ID
  • Select Manage 
  • Select FunimationNow 
  • Move the Automatic Renewal toggle to the off position 


  • Go to your Funimation App
  • Select Settings under the hamburger menu
  • Select Your Plan – you’ll be taken to your Google Play subscriptions 
  • Then Select Funimation
  • Select Cancel Subscription 

Apple TV

  • Open Settings
  • Select Accounts
  • Then Select Manage Subscriptions
  • Select Funimation
  • Turn the toggle next to Automatic Renewal to off

Amazon/Fire TV 

  • Go to your Amazon Store subscriptions
  • Next to your Funimation subscription, select Actions
  • Select Turn off Auto-Renewal
  • Confirm the changes 

Xbox One 

  • Log in to your Microsoft account
  • Next to your Funimation subscription, under the Services & Subscriptions tab, select Manage 
  • Select Confirm Cancellation


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